Dr. Steiber has an MSc in Industrial Economics and Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Management of Technology from Chalmers University in Sweden, from where she graduated in the top 1% of the students in her class in 1992.

Dr. Steiber has worked as an executive in high-growth companies for almost 20 years and in parallel conducted leading-edge research in the field of management of technology and innovations. Her expertise is in the fields of management for the digital age, innovation management, and transformation of businesses. Dr. Steiber is currently a professor, keynote speaker, advisor, and author of 11 management books and several award-winning research papers. Her latest book Leadership for a Digital World- The Transformation of GE Appliances was published in 2022 in English and Chinese, as well as in the form of an audiobook.

In 2020, Dr. Steiber founded a new research Center at Menlo College, Silicon Valley to focus on management innovations for the digital and sustainable age. The Center reached during its first year, over 5000 executives and leaders from over 30 countries all over the world. The mission is to provide virtual webinars, certificate courses, and virtual or in-person corporate programs, based on a new and unique generation management curriculum, a better fit for the new economy.

During the year, the Center provides the latest knowledge in Strategy for building a dynamic and resilient organization, Leadership for Exponential Impact, Enterprise Transformation, and Dynamic Ecosystems as the new growth strategy. Each module can be taken separately as a stand-alone virtual course or as part of a 6- months virtual leadership program. A certificate for completion will be provided by Menlo College, an award-winning US-based university.

For more information about the Center’s offerings, please contact: rendanheyicenter@menlo.edu, or access the courses directly by clicking the following links:

Dynamic Capabilities: https://tinyurl.com/bdp34npv

Business Transformation: https://tinyurl.com/3faux5vw

Dynamic Ecosystems: https://tinyurl.com/53zn7wh7

Leading for Exponential Impact: https://tinyurl.com/mr23pfck

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