What does it takes to succeed with software? That is my quest.

I firmly believe that companies that understands how to get the effect out of software development have a competitive edge.

This becomes increasingly important as software is everywhere, from your smartwatch, to your digital business, to your self driving car.

I’m a curious guy who likes to putting things into practice, and keep the stuff that works.

A few companies I have helped in the process: AID (self-driving cars), LEGO, Joyn (streaming entertainment), Zalando, Tobii.

What I’m up to right now

  • I coach product development at a nuclear power plant
  • I coach a product team in Tobii
  • I coach and train leadership teams in fast growing companies using Active Agile Leadership Skills
  • I coach a scaled agile transformation
  • I help companies succeed with Agile contracts (co founder of agilakontrakt.se)

Publications – New

Publications – AI

  • ”Machine learning essentials for CTO’s” (video) –  2020

Publications – Agile

Publications – Books

By bok: Real World Kanban

Real World Kanban This book shares insights and exampels from 4 case studies, across the value stream – where Kanban was used to drive improvement

Read reviews here

Conferences & Talks


LEGO Series play is an interactive and engaging approach to:

  • Develop a vision ( and the story behind it)
  • Describe the current situation across many team

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Mattias Skarin
Mattias Skarin
Mattias Skarin
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