Team Coach Training

A tailored course for your company


Helping coaches and scrum masters level up by providing them with a safe learning environment where they can experiment and get feedback. A small group learning experience that is customized to the participants. The participants are given the opportunity to bring up challenges, build connections and discover new perspectives. They will leave each session with new insights and new experiments to try out. At the next session they will share their insights and build on their progress.


Scrum masters/team coaches who need more practical, hands-on guidance.


  • ½ day every other week for a total of 4 sessions.
  • 4-6 participants


Each session covers one topic plus time for practical support and discussions.
The group decides which topic they would like to talk about based on their current needs.
Read more about our pilot implementation.
The course is offered in both English and Swedish.

Example topics:

  • Change management
  • Feedback
  • Leadership styles
  • Collaboration
  • Team/personal commitment
  • Scrum master role