Team Coach Training with Folksam

This spring we launched a pilot training workshop for scrum masters/team coaches. The workshop offered participants the opportunity to get to know themselves and their colleagues by providing them with a safe learning environment where they could experiment and get feedback. We partnered with Folksam and their team coaches to run two parallel series of the workshop. Our colleague, Yassal Sundman, created customized content for the participants to help them develop as team coaches via practical exercises and small group discussion.

The outcome

The result has been overwhelmingly positive! Two groups of six people met for half a day every other week over a two month period. They covered one to two topics each session where they were able to draw on their knowledge and experience to gain a deeper understanding of the theory presented. Each workshop closed with a discussion circle that helped connect the theory to the participants’ context and situation. Finally the participants set the agenda for the next session ensuring that the topics covered were relevant and applicable.

Feedback from the participants

  • A great forum for self reflection and discussion
  • The setup creates an environment well suited for learning, time well invested
  • Easy to apply what we cover as the topics and discussions are related to our daily work
  • Get to know yourself and your colleagues in a collaborative way
  • Good format with two weeks between each session and exercises to work on in between
  • Inspiring

Feedback from the trainer

  • I love that the content is set by the participants because that offers them a high value experience
  • The small group format allows everybody the chance to ask questions and participate in discussions


This fall we will continue our collaboration with Folksam with three new groups.

If you’re interested in this workshop for scrum masters/team coaches at your company please contact the trainer Yassal Sundman at We can hold the workshops either at your offices or at the Crisp office. The workshops are available in English or Swedish.