Together, we achieve sustainable change for your organization to thrive. We provide nutrition and care that create long-term growth, in products, services, methods, processes, teams or organizations.

When you hire Crisp, you receive guidance from experienced consultants who are leaders in their fields. Solid technical expertise is a given. What we feel sets us apart is that we want to become an integral part of your team. The lasting value of our efforts lives on long after our assignment is completed.

Sustainability, from two perspectives

We care about sustainability and want a thriving environment. We also want the organizations we help to thrive. Sustainable change can be achieved through technology, ways of working or an improved leadership culture.

Our approach is simple. We find root causes, iterate and experiment towards an agile and thriving organization.

Happy consultants, happy clients

Crisp is not your ordinary consulting company. We have no CEO and no managers. Every consultant is carefully selected. All consultants are self-employed. Our Crisp Happiness Index continuously measures how we feel and drives our internal change efforts.

What does this mean for our clients? You get dedicated consultants who choose their own assignments. We are all experienced and leaders in our respective fields.

The Crisp DNA

Want to know more about the Crisp way of working? Interested in working with us? We have open sourced our model.