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Together, we cultivate success

We help companies flourish in a dynamic environment.

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The ability to adapt to an ever-changing business context is crucial. We guide organizations, teams and leaders on their journey to success.



Together, we modernize your technology and its architecture. We have the experience, knowledge and tools that make technical platforms scalable and efficient.



Customized training is the energizer that makes your skills grow. We offer certifications, courses and tailor-made programs for individuals or entire teams in, for instance, product development, agile HR, Product Discovery and much more. Take your agile ability to the next level.

What we believe in

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What we believe in


We believe the key to a successful organization is autonomy. Teams and individuals need freedom to focus on what they believe is most valuable.

Lifelong learning

The main reason that Crisp exists is because we want to learn from each other. We have a thirst to continuously learn more. We are driven by our curiosity.

Climate action

Together we can save our climate. Many of our Crisp consultants are involved in ventures that drive positive environmental impact such as GoClimateNeutral and ClimateView.

How can we help?

Find out how we can help your organization thrive.

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Companies we've partnered with

Case stories


Building a strong Agile Coaching Community – The Swedbank story

What can you do when the demand for Agile Coaching is increasing in your organization at a rapid pace and you cannot keep up? Implementing rigid models and frameworks will not work. You need a deeper knowledge of the underlying principles and patterns the models and frameworks are based on and how to effectively adapt […]


Team Coach Training with Folksam

This spring we launched a pilot training workshop for scrum masters/team coaches. The workshop offered participants the opportunity to get to know themselves and their colleagues by providing them with a safe learning environment where they could experiment and get feedback. We partnered with Folksam and their team coaches to run two parallel series of […]


Coaching game teams at King

Yassal talks about her experience leveraging the strengths of the teams at King: Teams at King’s Stockholm game studio (the maker of Candy Crush) are autonomous, they are also encouraged to try, test, fail and learn from their experiences. For the past four years I’ve worked with amazingly talented people in this environment. We experimented and […]

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Slides: A story of getting better on Alignment

I recently was asked to do a presentation of how companies approach alignment in Agile settings. Where most companies normally put considerable effort putting some alignment framework in place, the really good ones improve this iteratively, matching the process, removing bureaucracy – so it matches the competence level over time. In this presentation I share

Agile Islands 2021 – Slides

Agile Islands had several interesting sessions this year again. For you who haven’t seen this conference, please do! This poses a (positive) challenge to me as speaker, “how the heck do I make my session interesting enough so people stay!” This year I was asked to do an introduction to Agile for people outside IT

Why Professional Coaching matters to an Agile Coach

Professional coaching is one of the four stances of an Agile Coach, and the reason for the word “Coach” in Agile Coach. But yet we see so many misconceptions of what professional coaching is and when to use it. I was recently involved in  a couple of discussions about this on LinkedIn, and was surprised