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Together, we cultivate success

We help companies flourish in a dynamic environment.

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The ability to adapt to an ever-changing business context is crucial. We guide organizations, teams and leaders on their journey to success.



Together, we modernize your technology and its architecture. We have the experience, knowledge and tools that make technical platforms scalable and efficient.



Customized training is the energizer that makes your skills grow. We offer certifications, courses and tailor-made programs for individuals or entire teams in, for instance, product development, agile HR, Product Discovery and much more. Take your agile ability to the next level.

What we believe in

Crisp Workshop

What we believe in


We believe the key to a successful organization is autonomy. Teams and individuals need freedom to focus on what they believe is most valuable.

Lifelong learning

The main reason that Crisp exists is because we want to learn from each other. We have a thirst to continuously learn more. We are driven by our curiosity.

Climate action

Together we can save our climate. Many of our Crisp consultants are involved in ventures that drive positive environmental impact such as GoClimateNeutral and ClimateView.

How can we help?

Find out how we can help your organization thrive.

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Marty Cagan @ Crisp

Last week Marty Cagan visited Crisp to perform his new Transformed workshop, which builds on his upcoming book “Transformed”. It was a fully packed classroom that during a whole day got a lot of the learnings from Marty and his colleagues at svpg on how to transform companies into a product operating model, that’s based on empowered product […]

Crisp Day 2023

Following last year’s success, we invite you to join us for a remote online conference – Crisp Day – where our coaches and engineers at Crisp will share their valuable insights and knowledge with all of you. You will get an afternoon filled with interesting talks from our experts on topics like Effective Prototyping, Collaboration, […]

Leading Complexity 2022

Over the last 20 years, Crisp has strived to bring the world’s most notable experts on Agile to Sweden. Now, starting in September 2022, we will bring our network of experts to the world through a series of masterclasses called Leading Complexity. The fundamental idea of the program is to help leaders navigate, create, and […]

Companies we've partnered with

Case stories


SSGs transformationsresa mot produktteam

Se den presentation som medlemmar av SSGs ledningsteam gjorde där de delade sina upplevelser och lärdomar från sin förändringsresa under två år. Hur är det att göra en stor förflyttning från agila leveransteam mot produktteam i en produktledd organisation, och hur kan det upplevas inifrån?  Du får höra från Produktchef, IT-Chef och VD vilka motiv […]


SVT Play’s Transformation Story

Watch the presentation by SVT Play, the Swedish public service television, sharing how they have transformed from being stuck in silos, to being organized around value streams. With this shift, they have significantly increased collaboration and alignment toward common strategic goals. The journey is, by no means, “finished” but you’ll get a glimpse of the three-year […]


Building a strong Agile Coaching Community – The Swedbank story

What can you do when the demand for Agile Coaching is increasing in your organization at a rapid pace and you cannot keep up? Implementing rigid models and frameworks will not work. You need a deeper knowledge of the underlying principles and patterns the models and frameworks are based on and how to effectively adapt […]

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Bill Fischer and the Dynamics of Haier’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

In a session for the Leading Complexity Program 2022, Bill Fischer shared his knowledge about Haier’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and RenDanHeYi, the culture behind it. Here is a summary of the session. If you want to see the recording of the session, please sign up for this year’s program. Here are some insights: In this session,

How to transform to Empowered Product Teams – FAQ #2

This post is part of a blog series where we answer real common questions in organizations that we have come in contact with and want to transition to an empowered product teams model. Each blog post answers one frequently asked question. For an introduction to what we mean by empowered product teams, see our free