Learn what Agile and Digital Transformation is really about, based on Joe Justice’s experience from Tesla and SpaceX. #JoeDX

Agile hardware development improves business growth, product innovation, and speed of response to change.

For example, a traditional automotive company takes 2.5 years for a minor change and 5 to 7 years for a significant change. In an agile automotive company, headlights, taillights, and charging ports are changed in two days. These changes are made more than 20 times a week and are all installed in the vehicle.

How is this possible?

Agile development reduces bottlenecks to a company’s design and manufacturing speed, such as approvals, budgets, and responses to change.

Joe shares the following story. ‘Many business people say that software has caused so many innovations that “software eats  the world.” But it is not software that is eating the world. Software companies are only a small fraction of the first companies to become agile and achieve rapid release. It is Agile that is eating the world.”

Joe Justice at Tesla

Course outline:

  • Module 1: Launch. How to onboard people and teams and re-launch existing people.
  • Module 2: Fast Company: How to restructure business units and divisions for the maximum pace of innovation.
  • Module 3: Innovate: Changing budget processes for responsiveness.
  • Module 4: Budget: Updating supporting budget policies and contracts to match your new agile company structure.
  • Module 5: Module: Splitting the products and services into parallel execution for maximum speed.
  • Module 6: Lean Coffee: Self-organization of the work and timelines for lean innovation.
  • Module 7: Fast Team: agile team structures to increase financial efficiency.
  • Module 8: Digital Self Management: Improving human performance with excellent software.
  • Module 9: Justice Board: Self-forming teams with financial responsibility.
  • Module 10: xM: creating a factory that wants design updates daily.

This training is for you if you are a Product leader, Leader,  Manager, coach, or consultant in product development.

Do you have colleagues who need this training too? We can hold this training privately for your company in English or Swedish; contact us to customize your training.

Joe Justice at SpaceX

You can learn more about Joe on his website.


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