This course is canceled. Instead, we have a new event with the course:
Agile SW&HW at Tesla and SpaceX, April 28, 2023.

Learn what Agile and Digital Transformation is really about, based on Joe Justice’s experience from Tesla and SpaceX.

Tesla is a leader in their industry with a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Last year Tesla had 3 000 000 job applications.

SpaceX has reduced the cost of space transportation by about 10X. 

Tesla and SpaceX are the top two ranked most attractive companies for engineering students to work for in the US.
According to Musk, the only thing that matters is the speed of innovation. The Musk companies are examples of being truly Agile. If Speed of Innovation matters to your organization, this course is for you.

Joe Justice at Tesla

proposals for Agile consultation.

Adopting Agile is essential for products where efficient and speedy development is required.

The following three are the most significant benefits of Agile implementation.

  • (1) Speedy progress from product design to release
  • (2) Flexibility to respond to customer and user requests and feature changes
  • (3) Handle unexpected course corrections and changes in direction with minimal risk.

While the benefits of Agile are gaining recognition, why are so many companies still using waterfall development in reality?

Many organizations have adopted Agile methods but, at large, have yet to receive the expected results.

The reason is that the organization needs to have a correct knowledge of Agile.

We present an executive curriculum, distilled down to the essentials, from the two-day training we provide JoeDX certification to provide a comprehensive understanding of how the Musk companies operate and summarized in 3 hours.

Joe Justice at SpaceX

The instructor will be Joe Justice, an Agile trainer with a proven track record as an Agile trainer at Tesla, SpaceX, and other companies around the world.

Joe has also trained companies in Japan, including Toyota Motor Corporation, Rakuten Group, Toshiba Group, NTT Group, and Mercari.

Please give us 3 hours to share Joe Justice’s proven experience.

We will discuss how Elon Musk would likely manage the development of your company’s product, how efficient it is, and how Elon would run your company’s business. You will also be able to develop a more constructive relationship with the members who are members of your team.


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