Over the last 20 years, Crisp has strived to bring the world’s most notable experts on Agile to Sweden. Now, starting in September 2022, we will bring our network of experts to the world through a series of masterclasses called Leading Complexity.

The fundamental idea of the program is to help leaders navigate, create, and lead change with thought-leaders such as Marty Cagan, Sonja Blignaut, David Marquet, Dave Snowden, Mary Poppendieck, and many more.

We caught up with Tomas Björkholm, one of the organizers behind the program. 

Hi Tomas, could you tell the readers a bit about the background? Why did you choose to organize the program?

For many years, we have had conversations with companies struggling with the increasing complexities of the business world, digitalization, globalization, new technologies, shifting market landscapes, and changing customer demands, amongst many other aspects. 

In pace with this exponential change is a growing desire for the silver bullet. Shortcuts that help us implement what needs to be done. At the same time, experience and common sense tell us that there are no easy answers. 

Leading a business has never been easy. There’s never been a one-size-fits-all solution for moving forward. It’s always been a flexible balancing act with an ever-changing set of parameters. The difference now is that it’s all happening faster than ever before. 

That’s what Leading Complexity is all about. And the proven leadership tools, methods and perspectives that will help navigate and lead complexity. 

Why should I attend? 

By the end of the program, you will walk away with inspiration on concepts that you can implement on the job as your organization faces complex challenges. You will be more self-confident on how to navigate and lead complexity. Essentially, you will feel that you have leveled up in knowledge. 

This sounds really inspiring. Thank you for chatting with me. 

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