I have worked in sales throughout my professional career, primarily in IT consulting as a manager and CEO. In 2014 I started my own IT brokerage company, which I ran until I sold the company in 2022.

I have always been passionate about sales coaching and personal development, and I wrote a book that is my individual sales guide in 2022. The book Deliver More – my personal sales guide. Available at Bokus and Adlibris or via Crisp. It is available in both Swedish and English.

Through my book, I have coached several salespeople for better results in individually tailored sales, combining sales and personal development. The book I wanted existed at the beginning of my career. The book is covered in the evening press and Enterprise Magazine.

I help companies optimize their sales and train salespeople and managers, and in 2023, I was named one of the top 50 recommended Sales Coaches in Sweden.

Today I combine what I am most passionate about, sales, coaching, and education, as a proud sales manager of Crisp AB.