The Product Operating Model, or Product Model for short, helps you consistently build innovative products that customers love and that also align with business ambitions. Drawing on lessons learned from some of the world’s leading product companies, the Product Model provides a guide for empowering and engaging your teams, unleashing their innovative potential, while ensuring their efforts align with your product strategy, business objectives, and the goals of other teams and departments.

Why partner with Crisp?

Transforming to the Product Model means changing how you build and deploy products, changing how you solve problems, and changing how you decide which problems to solve. Crisp is exceptionally well-positioned to assist organizations to transform to the Product Model.

Our consultants supported Spotify’s journey from small start-up to a big company with hundreds of teams, developing their own version of a Product Model famously known as “the Spotify Model”.

We regularly collaborate with Product Model thought-leaders like Marty Cagan and Jeff Patton. When Marty Cagan and SVPG organized a Coach the Coaches event in Europe for outstanding product coaches, six out of 50 accepted applicants were from Sweden, all of them Crisp or ex Crisp consultants.

While others remain fixated on changing how products are built and deployed (agile delivery), we at Crisp are pioneers in reshaping how problems are solved, how product teams are empowered, and how visions are realized (product discovery and strategy).

Let us be your partner in your Product Model transformation. Contact Sarah today!

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