Why I do what I do and what motivates me

My personal mission is to help create great workplaces where human beings can thrive and do great work in a way that really matters to them and others. I do this by leading, coaching and educating people, teams and organizations on how to improve their effectiveness and be more agile and participatory.

I believe that if I can contribute in this way I will do my part in bringing about an emerging future that is more human friendly and has the seed of greatness.

What I can do for you

Although I expect to keep doing new things, some examples of what I have done for clients before includes the following.

  • Integrating product discovery and delivery in a shared product rhythm for multiple team products
  • Leading organizational change with the objective to become more customer centered, more customer problem oriented and reduce time to market for key products
  • Introducing agile ways of working into a tech and product development organization
  • Introducing strategic high velocity leadership war room for executive team
  • Leading or coaching single and multiple agile teams in critical product development efforts
  • Introducing and improving agile engineering practices to improve quality, reduce lead time and enable technical leadership to become a proactive enabler for good business outcomes

My approach is to work from an understanding of what is actually happening in your situation, what is needed and from there work out a vector for change that will make a real difference.

How I do what I do and where I am coming from

I’ve been a consultant in the software product development industry for over 20 years. It feels like I have been part of the agile movement for most of that time. Over the years I have built a wide range of skillsets making me very comfortable talking about anything deeply technical to things highly strategic and organizational.

The more senior parts of my career I have spent leading, introducing or improving engineering practices and agile ways of working in organizations – either by leading agile efforts or by coaching teams, departments and leadership teams.

I love agile. It is amazing to me how much better an agile way of working can be for improving collaboration, engaging people and to influence effective outcomes.

I also believe in pushing boundaries, comfort zones and challenging the way things are.

What I see as one of my strengths is how I can help bring out and integrate the strategic dimension with the operational. This is rarely done today. But if we learn how to do so, we enable strategic depth and business agility allowing organizations to easier transition all phases of natural change.

To me this is the next emerging frontier for the agile movement – to go beyond product and service delivery to replace obsolete organizational patterns also there. If we can do that we can meet all organizational concerns with something radically better than what we have today.

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