What is it like to lead and be part of a major agile transformation journey?

Roche Sweden is the Swedish affiliate in the family owned, Swiss based multinational pharmaceutical enterprise that is Roche. About two years ago Roche made the big decision to transform their 113 year old conservative global organization to embrace change and agile values to make their organization even more patient centered under the guiding direction of “Delivering better outcomes for more patients faster”.

In this webinar Christian Feinberg tells the story of what this two year journey was like and what he and his colleagues have learned – and are still learning – about leading a major agile transformation. Under his and his colleague’s guidance Roche Sweden started on a unique path to change not just how to do work but also the culture, mindsets and behaviors, budgeting and financials, organizational structure, decision making model, performance focus, leadership behavior and more. A tall and bold task!

What happens when you apply an agile mindset and approach in a marketing focused pharma organization? Where do you start to change an organization if you want it to become more agile and customer centered? How did Roche headquarters and executive leadership team initiate this major change and ask their global organization to join them? In what order did Roche Sweden decide to tackle mindset, behavior, way of working, organizational structure, budget process? What needs to be accounted for specifically when considering an agile transformation in the health care sector? How and when do you know if you are successful? What happens along the way when me and my colleagues who are supposed to lead the transformation really start to feel things changing and wonder how to deal with the unexpected? Will an agile transformation ever end or will people who get onboard with a transformation journey be forever cursed to never “arrive”?

These and more are lessons Christian has experienced first hand and will be sharing with us at this event, which will be held in English. There will be an opportunity to ask questions.

Christian Feinberg is the transformation lead and current enabling team coach for multiple therapeutic areas at Roche Sweden. Christian has been at Roche for eleven years and before that was part of Pfizer/Pharmacia Pharmaceutical for eight years. His personal mission is to support and develop people to be their best self in order to deliver outstanding value for Swedish patients.

This is a 90 min ONLINE ONLY EVENT, free of charge for the benefit of the community of agile enthusiasts, skeptics and professionals.


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