Tillsammans med en rad organisationer har vi skapat hållbar förändring och bestående värden. Läs om vår förändringsresa tillsammans med några av dem.


Building a strong Agile Coaching Community – The Swedbank story

What can you do when the demand for Agile Coaching is increasing in your organization at a rapid pace and you cannot keep up? Implementing rigid models and frameworks will not work. You need a deeper knowledge of the underlying principles and patterns the models and frameworks are based on and how to effectively adapt […]


Team Coach Training with Folksam

This spring we launched a pilot training workshop for scrum masters/team coaches. The workshop offered participants the opportunity to get to know themselves and their colleagues by providing them with a safe learning environment where they could experiment and get feedback. We partnered with Folksam and their team coaches to run two parallel series of […]


Coaching game teams at King

Yassal talks about her experience leveraging the strengths of the teams at King: Teams at King’s Stockholm game studio (the maker of Candy Crush) are autonomous, they are also encouraged to try, test, fail and learn from their experiences. For the past four years I’ve worked with amazingly talented people in this environment. We experimented and […]



As companies grow, misalignment and suboptimization tend to become a big problem. The situation in the cartoon above is frighteningly close to the truth for many teams. Recently, Henrik Kniberg gave a talk about Spotify’s approach to this, using a model called Spotify Rhythm. Read more about Spotify Rhythm at Henriks blog>


The iZettle Example

“Don’t stand in the way of great employees.” That’s one of the operational mantras that guide the finance technology company iZettle. Two others are “Keep the startup spirit strong” and “Stay adaptable to changing market needs.” In this blog post, we share some of the things we are implementing and tweaking at iZettle to keep […]


Fostering Collaboration with a Delegation Board

How do you work effectively when you have a lot of stakeholders? Yassal Sundman is currently coaching a team at King with several stakeholders in different parts of the organization. The team and the stakeholder collaboration was not clear. The feedback from the stakeholders was difficult to interpret: was it a personal opinion, advice or a directive? Which […]


Upphandling inom LOU med Agila krav och Agila kontrakt

Under de senaste året har Mattias Skarin och Mia Kolmodin haft ett par välbesökta och uppskattade frukostseminarier på ämnet Agil upphandling inom LOU, både på Crisp, ute hos kunder, samt i Almedalen både 2015 och 2016. Det publiken brukar ha mest problem med i sin egen vardag är både svårigheter med att på förhand ta fram […]


Bättre prestanda gav ny affärsmodell

Infinera, tidigare Transmode, behövde lösa ett problem. En beräkningsmotor tog så lång tid att exekvera så att det påverkade affären. Med hjälp av en senior utvecklare från Crisp lyckades man öka prestandan med 145 gånger. I Infineras Network Manager finns en beräkningsmotor som beräknar konnektivitetsmodellen för ett flerlagers optiskt transmissionsnät enligt MTOSI-standarden. Modellen används av […]