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Why I do what I do and what motivates me

My personal mission is to help create great workplaces and successful companies where human beings can thrive and do great work in a way that really matters.

I believe that if I can contribute in this way I will do my part in bringing about an emerging future that is more human friendly, makes a real difference and has the seed of greatness.

What I can do for you

Today I primarily help organizations and companies transform towards an empowered product team model, as described by pioneers in modern product development such as Marty Cagan, Teresa Torres, Gibson Biddle, Melissa Perri and more. How to put these ideas into actual practice in real organizations, with real people, and to navigate that journey of change is what I help my clients with.

I have helped guide multiple such transformations, and worked with multiple product organizations and product leaders to help them get better at creating customer success, and I hope to experience more.

Additionally before that, I have spent leading, introducing or improving engineering practices and agile ways of working in organizations – either by leading agile efforts or by coaching teams, departments and leadership teams.

I believe that deeply understanding modern product development and putting it into practice is one of the highest leverage challenges most organizations have in front of them in the coming years.

Some more things I value and believe in are

  • How to drive change: Understand context, validate real challenges, identify desired impact and invite participation, launch experiments to find real solutions that work, continue until impact achieved.
  • Field experience and legitimate mastery over academic non-practice knowledge based theory. Strong synthesis emerges from real proven practice. Got a cool idea? Great, prove it in the field.
  • Ownership, willingness to take responsibility and quality standards
  • Building a culture of learning and teamwork
  • Clear and transparent direction, coherent narratives, viable and measurable goals
  • Sustainable business success for a product company is a consequence of becoming very good at solving customer problems and making great product decisions
  • Quality builds speed, speed and actionable feedback beats the competition
  • Try to deeply understand human nature, to develop and leverage human creative drives

I feel that I am very much still learning on the job to continue to grow.

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