För det tredje året i rad bjuder vi in till Crisp Day, en online-konferens där våra coacher och mjukvaruutvecklare på Crisp delar med sig av sina insikter och erfarenheter.

Det blir en eftermiddag fylld med intressanta presentationer från våra experter på ämnen som Product Discovery, OKRer, arkitektur, beslutsfattande i volatila miljöer, navigering av komplexitet, Open Space Agility, Slicing och mycket mer, i parallella spår.

Missa inte denna chans att kick-starta hösten 2023 med ny kunskap, inspiration och med att knyta nya kontakter med både talare och deltagare.

Notera att samtliga presentationer är på engelska.

Se några av talarna deras ämnen nedan. Talarlistan kan komma att uppdateras. Registera dig nu

Henrik Kniberg

Henrik Kniberg

Effective Prototyping

I’ll share some thoughts and experiences on prototyping, using examples from Minecraft design & development.

Michael Göthe

Levels of collaboration – and why we are stuck in endless meetings

Many organizations get stuck in endless sync meetings to coordinate their way forward when higher levels of collaboration are needed in complex Agile environments.

Tomas Björkholm

RenDanHeYi – A management philosophy for innovative enterprises

(Description of talk coming soon)

Mathias Holmgren

Aligning as a leadership team before starting a major transformation

The key practical steps to get on the same page, about what and why, before we bet on changing our organization

Christophe Achouiantz

This is Product-led!

An introduction to Product-led organizations. What is it? Why is this valuable? Why is everyone going ”Product”?

Iyasu Ghirmai

Grow at any cost?

2022 has been extremely harsch for tech companies valuations, the ”grow at any cost” is coming to an end or atleast a halt. This is an intro to how to grow organically with product led approach, forcing PMs to become more business savvy

Marcus CastenforsStubborn on vision and flexible on details: how to facilitate a vision sprint

Where are we heading? What’s the future going to look like for our product?

There is a sad truth. Most companies don’t answer these questions in a meaningful way.

And, what does this lead to?

Misalignment. Teams running in different directions. They interpret their own view of where they should go. Goals are not achieved.

So, the big question is: how could you tackle this as a product leader?

The answer lies in crafting a tangible story, together. Painting the picture of what an inspiring future could look like.

Mattias Skarin

Agile Portfolio Demystified

A walk through of the essential elements of Agile portfolio (lean/agile budgeting, value streams, roadmaps, agile architecture, pivot and a strategic direction). The ”why” behind each element, how it differs compared to traditional operations, and what it brings to the overall equation.

Joakim Sundén

Beyond Agile: How The Best Are Different From The Rest

(Description of talk coming soon)

Hans Brattberg

How to change your mind

(Description of talk coming soon)

Alexander Tarlinder

Things that always work and things that never work in software development

When writing software, teams and individuals, knowingly or not, apply patterns, techniques, and ways of work. Some of them pretty much always lead to success, whereas others result in failure.

This talk covers a variety of highs and lows that fall into either category. For example, unit tests and hexagonal architectures tend to put one in a good spot. Conversely, home-grown caches, reflection, or hard-coded scripted test data tend to end in tears. Each pattern/way of work is described and named, after which it’s broken down so that its underlying mechanics can be explained.

Fredrik Lindgren

Taming complexity with Hexagonal Architecture and configurable components

(Description of talk coming soon)

David Barnholdt

David Barnholdt

Effective learning strategies – for you, your team and your organization

If you goal is to speed up learning – what can you do about it? As an individual, as a team and as a organization.




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