Jag bygger och leder agila utvecklingsteam!

Jag har gedigen erfarenhet som systemutvecklare, team-lead, utvecklingschef, produktägare och Scrum Master med kompetens särskilt inom utveckling av affärskritiska transaktionsintensiva webbsajter, ofta som SaaS-lösningar.

Jag älskar att jobba i en roll som ledare där jag också får möjlighet att vara utvecklare. Detta är inte bara roligt, utan gör mig också till en bättre ledare.

Jag tar gärna snabba beslut och är inte överdrivet analytisk. Jag är välutbildad och lär mig snabbt. Jag ogillar administrativt arbete men uppskattar tydliga och effektiva processer. Jag gillar att testa ny teknik men inför inte teknik för teknikens skull. Jag behärskar engelska väl i tal och skrift.

Jag har 20 års erfarenhet av mjukvaruutveckling inom finans/försäkring, telekom, internet, betalningar och i-gaming.

Mina specialiteter: Java, AWS, Ansible, Event-driven systems, Continuous Deployment, Python, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MongoDB (Certifierad MongoDB Developer), Maven, Mercurial, Git, Jenkins och Test-Driven Development (TDD).

Rekommendation av Max som utvecklare

Martin Jarl System developer at Projectplace. Currectly consultat at Citerus.

Martin Jarl
System developer at Projectplace.

When Max joined our team he quickly became a person I looked up too and turned to for guidance.

Max is very good at a lot of different things. First of a all he’s a really good developer who likes the craftsmanship. It is always easy to continue to work on code that Max has written. Max is also a team leader and more importantly – he is all about the team. Even though he is the most experienced person in the team he will take on any task, challenging or boring, as long as it will take us closer to our goal. Max likes to see people grow and take on new responsibilities and he will gladly share his knowledge to see that happen.

You see a lot of people doing great work but Max is one of those people where you can really see that it has made a difference.

Rekommendation av Max som agil coach

Mattias Hällström Director of R&D at Projectplace

Mattias Hällström
Director of R&D at Projectplace

In my role as Director of R&D at Projectplace, I engaged Max in September 2012 to coach me, product owners and scrum masters in agile best-practice with the purpose to improve working climate, efficiency and quality within the Projectplace R&D teams.

Max exceeded my expectations and I can certainly recommend his services to any business that aspire on achieving world-class product development.


Rekommendation av Max som utvecklingschef

Mats Henricson, developer at Expekt.com
Mats Henricson, developer at Expekt.com

I worked for Max for about 18 or so months, and found him to be an excellent and very respected line manager for about half a dozen employees and about the same number of consultants. He was also a brutally efficient product manager, month after month squeezing meaningful sprint backlogs out of often uncooperative stakeholders. He is also a very efficient agile leader, a true Scrum veteran of which we don’t have that many in Sweden. Amazingly enough he is also deeply skilled in databases, and won’t hesitate writing Java or discuss architecture. In summary, as close to Renaissance Man you get these days.

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