Following last year’s success, we invite you to join us for a remote online conference – Crisp Day – where our coaches and engineers at Crisp will share their valuable insights and knowledge with all of you.  

You will get an afternoon filled with interesting talks from our experts on topics like Product Strategy, AI, Remote working, Hexagonal Architecture, Team Success Metrics and much more in two parallel tracks.

Don’t miss this chance to kick start 2022 with new learnings and new connections to both speakers and other participants.

Have a look at some of the speakers and topics below!

Tech and Engineering Track

Henrik Kniberg – Reinventing Minecraft world generation

The past year and a half I’ve worked almost full time with Minecraft world generation. We’ve radically changed how the world is generated, to enable dramatic new caves, massive mountains ranges and overall more natural-looking terrain.

In this talk we’ll geek out on the gory details of this. How does Minecraft procedural world generation actually work, what did we change and why? And what did we learn along the way?

I think procedural world generation is fascinating. Hopefully you will too after this 🙂

Fredrik Lindgren – Deliberate dependency management

Dependencies are a fact of life for today’s software applications and for the teams who develop them.

However, not all dependencies are created equal. Dependencies range from fairly stable such as your programming language and runtime, to moving targets such as the new API endpoint that your sister-team has promised to deliver by next week. Some are huge boost to team productivity and application stability while others prove to be the source of trouble and rework.

In this talk I propose a way to categorise dependencies using a few key properties and deliberately choose the way you use, depend on and safely update them. This will increase the chances of moving from a dependency mess to happy dependable relationships.

Max Wenzin

Max Wenzin – Oh no, our startup is a great success

What do you need to do to your tech when the startup has taken off?

Alexander Tarlinder

Alexander Tarlinder – Masterclass: Scrum for software development

In a world where ”Agile” no longer refers to agile software development and where agile coaches may have no experience in developing software, it’s sometimes worth its while to go back to basics.

In this masterclass, I cover the ceremonies of Scrum and break them down into their smallest components. I’ll share very practical techniques and how to apply them during each ceremony depending on the team’s context and maturity.

Teams, Organisations and Process Track

Mikael Brodd – 6 key learnings from introducing OKRs

I’ve been helping numerous companies and organisations to introduce OKRs, and these are my 6 key learnings to help it become a success.

Marcus Castenfors – An intro to Product Discovery

As a product team, you live and breathe your product. One of the hardest questions is: “Will the stuff we are working on right now be successful?”. During this lightning talk, Marcus will give you an overview of the concept behind Product Discovery and help you answer that tough question.

Tomas Björkholm – Stop slicing the elephant, start growing it

Early integration and focus on what is most important can be the difference between success and failure. Here comes some advice how you can minimize risk by not slicing the elephant.

Michael Göthe – Navigating Complexity using WaysFinder

Command and control don’t work anymore. But what can we do instead? How can we navigate the uncertainty? There is an increased awareness that looking at organizations as complicated but predictable machines is not working. Instead, organizational are more like living systems participating in larger ever-changing ecosystems.
WaysFinder is an easy-to-understand and straightforward approach to navigating complexity, encompassing many of the theories and practices of complexity research like Dave Snowden’s work and Cynefin. WaysFinder was developed by Sonja Blignaut, a long-term partner to Dave. Michael will, in this talk, share how he has used the model in an Agile context and how you can get started navigating complexity with more ease as well.

Christophe Achouiantz – The Big Room Planning as engine for transformations

Big room planning (BRP) has become a popular practice to get team-based organizations to get things done. In this talk, we look at how boost it to become the real engine for your agile transformation. It’s about recognizing it as an evolving platform and manage it as an agile product.

Mattias Skarin – Decision making under uncertainty

In Agile we decentralise decisions. But how can we train/prepare people for the situations they are facing? This session will equip you with a few simple techniques through which you can improve your decision making skill and battle bias.

David Barnholdt

David Barnholdt – Open Space Agility

Start by starting

Hans Brattberg

Hans Brattberg & Orren Shalit – Innovation WHAT and agile HOW

Hands on product innovation in an agile context

Iyasu Ghirmai – Opportunity Solution Tree

Why everyone is talking about Opportunity Solution Tree, is it just hype or is there a benefit in visualizing opportunities and hypothesis to reaching your goals


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