1 idea, 5 drivers, 15 speakers, 160 participants and 100% energy boost

What if we could create a digital conference with our own experts sharing their knowledge?” – an idea that came from the urge of creating a social collaboration opportunity within Crisp during fall 2020. 

Five of us got together and started planning for a half-day event that would result in many Sunday mornings together collaborating on this… We decided to “keep it small” when it came to both participants’ and organizers’ costs and effort. That led to us holding the conference as parallel Zoom meetings with joint opening and closing sessions with keynote speakers. We also had an after-conference-hangout to be able to have a chat with the participants. Our program consisted of 15 talks from our own experts in 3 parallel tracks with Q/A sessions at the end of each, which seemed to have been appreciated.

Were we able to give participants inspirations and new learnings? We really hope so! Did this end up being a social collaboration opportunity within Crisp? Yes, indeed it did, and we got so much energy from working together on this. Will we set up another Crisp Day conference? Most definitely!!!

Some of the learnings we have and can improve for next time are; longer breaks, filming the talks/sessions differently, clipping the videos is super hard work and demands the right tools and knowledge.

If you want to get a taste of what it felt like to take part in Crisp Day or even re-live it – we are publishing our playlist: YouTube Playlist of Crisp Day Talks and sharing the presentations: Google Drive folder with all presentations from Crisp Day.

We hope to see you at our next event!

/Fredrik, Jennie, Max, Michael och Therése