Welcome Kevin

We are happy to welcome Kevin Albrecht to Crisp. To introduce Kevin, we asked him three questions. What do you focus on at Crisp?I advise product and tech companies, both large and small, especially helping them through digital transformations, product development, and team building.I like to work in the space where business, technology, and product […]

Product Model explained with Spotify’s Discover Weekly

In September, Crisp had the privilege to host Marty Cagan’s latest ”Transformed” workshop. A special additional day led to an inspiring exchange of ideas, strategies, methodologies, and experiences about guiding companies through transformative product journeys. This event also gave Marty a chance to reunite with Crisp’s consultant, Joakim Sundén, one of the co-creators of what […]

Marty Cagan @ Crisp

Last week Marty Cagan visited Crisp to perform his new Transformed workshop, which builds on his upcoming book “Transformed”. It was a fully packed classroom that during a whole day got a lot of the learnings from Marty and his colleagues at svpg on how to transform companies into a product operating model, that’s based […]

Welcome, Sarah Åberg, Our Exceptional New Sales Manager at Crisp!

We are delighted to introduce Sarah, the newest addition to our team and an accomplished sales professional with extensive experience as a seasoned sales manager and coach. Sarah brings a fresh perspective, speed, high energy, and valuable insights to Crisp. But that’s not all—Sarah is also an esteemed author, having written the book ”Deliver More: […]

Hur gick det med Crisps första publika Agile Coach Program?

För ett par månader sedan avslutade Crisps Christophe Achouiantz, Joakim Sundén och Mikael Brodd vårt första publika Agile Coach Program. Hur gick det? Vi måste säga att det faktiskt gick väldigt bra. Vi vet att vi har ett bra upplägg och mycket positiva erfarenheter från att ha kört liknande program internt i organisationer, men vi […]

Crisp part of svpg Product Management community

Last week in London, product management guru Marty Cagan and his Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG) partners hosted a new event: Coach the Coaches. From hundreds of applications they hand picked 50 accomplished product coaches from all over Europe to attend the event. During three days the participants took part of what SVPG has learned […]

Agila Sverige 2022 IRL!

Det var riktigt härligt att få träffas på ”riktigt” igen på Agila Sverige, vars konferens i år var fysiskt på plats på 7A i Stockholm igen. Crisp var förstås närvarande, både som sponsor och med 3 talare. Henrik Kniberg, Jan Grape och Mikael Brodd. Dessutom, i och med att Björn Wismén nyligen börjat på Crisp, […]

Välkommen till Crisp Björn Wismén!

Björn, vad jobbar du med?Jag har arbetat som konsult i mer än 20 år nu. Jag började min bana som utvecklare på Cap Gemini och har provat de flesta traditionella språken och miljöerna. Efter ett antal år som utvecklare bytte jag successivt spår till att coacha inom agil utveckling. Under de senaste 10+ åren ungefär […]

Crisp and Intent Based Leadership International deepens the partnership!

The book Turn the Ship Around has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers since its publication in 2013, but a lot has happened since David Marquet wrote the book. Intent Based Leadership International (IBLI) has been developing tools and approaches to empowering leadership for years and is now a global network of select very experienced […]