We are happy to welcome Kevin Albrecht to Crisp. To introduce Kevin, we asked him three questions.

What do you focus on at Crisp?
I advise product and tech companies, both large and small, especially helping them through digital transformations, product development, and team building.
I like to work in the space where business, technology, and product development intersect. I’ve also been working in fintech for the past 14 years, so naturally, I can provide some additional expertise to fintech companies.

What were your experiences before joining up with Crisp?
Seven years ago, I co-founded P.F.C., which was Sweden’s first neobank. I worked as CTO there, growing the tech and product organization to over 20 people, and growing our customer base to over 200 000 consumers in Sweden. Later on, I became CEO of the company.
Before that, I had roles as CTO at several fintechs, and advised some companies on product discovery and development.
I also worked at Klarna in the early 2010s, where I was involved in tech leadership and product management, and was part of Klarna’s expansion to the US and the UK.
I began my career as a software engineer in the US, and there was a time that I thought I would never leave programming. But I realized during my time at Klarna that what I really cared about was creating products, which for me, can be in any role near technology.

What motivated you to start working with Crisp?
The skills of the Crisp employees made me want to join the group. Crisp is full of experts on all kinds of product development transformations, which I find incredibly fascinating. As someone working in tech in Sweden, it was impossible for me to miss the impact that Crisp has had for many years on how people think about developing products, both from a Tech and a Product perspective.

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