Scrum and XP from the Trenches - 2nd edition

NEWS (June 2015): 2nd edition available! Read the online version at InfoQ, or purchase a print version from there.


”Your writing style is great, and the information that you provide is very useful … Your are an asset to the Scrum community”
Ken Schwaber (co-founder of Scrum)


”Henrik’s book is a starter kit of basic practices that help teams move beyond trying to do Scrum to executing Scrum well.”
Jeff Sutherland (co-founder of Scrum)


”Henrik’s book isn’t a philosophical explanation of why Scrum works or why you might want to try this or that. It is a description of how one well-running agile team works. Henrik provides a host of good practices along with the necessary context to help us learn better how to do Scrum and XP in the trenches of our own projects.”
Mike Cohn (author of Agile Estimating and Planning)


”excellent document, serving as an adequate introduction to XP and Scrum” —   ”Henrik goes on to describe some of the more difficult – and rarely covered – aspects of working in an agile organization, including coordinating the efforts of multiple Scrum teams”


”a great contribution to the body of Agile knowledge, and a fun read”


”I think it’s the most useful book on agiledevelopment that I’ve read, and I’ve read lots of them!”
Lisa Crispin


”This paper will be the one I’ll recommend to people who want to know what this Scrum thing really is about”
Peter Hendriks


”Even if you’re not into Agile / Scrum / XP there’s enough in here to convince you (or your boss) to give it a go.”
Paul Browne


”the best (in the sense of ’most useful’) essay I have read on agile development”
Michael Chermside


”Of all the Agile articles and books that I’ve read (and even those that I’ve written 😉 ) I’d just like to congratulate you on one of the most succinct, readable and convincing articles on what it actually means to do Agile on a daily basis”
— Neil Fletcher


Ett helt makalöst, underbart, war story-orienterat (Vi testade detta och det funkade/funkade inte hos oss) dokument med klockren beskrivning av praktiska erfarenheter direkt från projektrummet. Så bra att det kom tårar första gången jag läste det!!!
Mikael Deurell


like your paper more than I like any book I have read about Scrum!!”
–Email feedback


I’ve written and presented quite a bit about Agile Project management, but I’ve to recognize that these guys are experts. This PDF is a 90 Page guide to Scrum and XP Project Management, written in a way that both Business and Technical people can understand. It’s clear, it’s honest, and more importantly, it’s not trying to sell you anything.
Paul Browne


One of the best guides on how to get up to speed with Scrum/XP development. Instead of merely providing dry review of the methodology, this guide presents a comprehensive overview of things that worked and didn’t work when the company tackled SCRUM.


It has been enormously helpful to me in introducing scrum in our environment, and the practical guidance has saved us much time and effort.
–Email feedback


The best article on Scrum I’ve seen. It’s very practical, down to earth and all the examples are based on a real project, not some ideal, simplified scenario. Read it now.
Maciej Sinilo