How do successful modern product organizations operate and achieve their results? Is there a way to capture and summarize the ”secret sauce” behind their success? And how can we use these lessons to improve our own organization’s ability to innovate, become more insight-driven, and deliver value to customers faster, thus creating momentum in our business?

Fortunately, there are numerous resources available today on how to create customer-centered products in a multi-disciplinary team with clear ownership and responsibility to explore customer needs and solutions that solve valuable problems. By combining strong product leadership with an effective approach, both product attraction and growth can be accelerated. Pioneers like Marty Cagan, Melissa Perri, Gibson Biddle, and Teresa Torres have done a lot to establish access to solid information and knowledge in this area.

However, the challenging step today is often how to apply these ideas in a systematic way in our own organizations. How can we do this in a way that recognizes our organization’s current situation, addresses real challenges, and motivates people to contribute to real change?

In this inspirational webinar, Mathias and Marcus from Crisp will share practical insights on how to work and operate as a product team with responsibility for customer results. They will also share their own experiences of introducing and using these approaches in practice in product organizations.

What skills and conditions are necessary to organize in this way? How is it different from a more traditional approach? How can you lead with a clear business context instead of control? What does it mean to research and discover needs, customer problems, and solutions? How can you make key decisions that enable aligned initiative and innovation? What are some key themes for solid product strategy and focus, and more?

This 90-minute online event in English is free of charge, for all curious product enthusiasts and change agents. There will be time for questions and some discussion as well.


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