Most organizations that invest significantly in creating products, don’t see the market traction they envision. From our perspective, that is not surprising. Most of them do not apply the principles, patterns and practices that successful product companies in the world use.

What does it take to transform your company into one that does?

At Crisp, we’ve helped companies transform for more than 15 years. In this webinar, we’ll share our approach and playbook for successfully driving change in organizations towards the Product Model.

First, what do we mean by the Product Model?

The Product Model is the operating model of the most successful tech-powered companies such as Spotify, Netflix, Amazon and Apple. It has been well described by Marty Cagan, Teresa Torres, Melissa Perri, Gibson Biddle, and more.

What separates these companies from others is that they empower their teams to solve problems. The teams are accountable for business results. Leaders give autonomy and provide rich and clear strategic direction of what problems to solve, and develop the team’s key skills through coaching and mentoring.

The rewards of this model include short time to market impact, highly motivated and competent employees, and excellent innovation.

The Webinar

We will cover…

  • What are the primary drivers at a company level, to transform to the product model?
  • What does this actually mean, at a high level?
  • What is the Crisp approach to transformation towards the product model?
  • What do you need to align on as a senior leadership team, before launching a major transformation?

Expect real stories from the field, clear insights, and a glimpse into what this journey looks like.

Who’s this for?
Senior product leaders considering a shift to the Product Model.

60 minutes, in English. Free of charge. Includes a Q&A.


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