Premiering “Product Spotlight”, brought to you by Crisp, a free webinar series to share the Nordic perspective of product leadership. 

This first session on November 29 will feature insights from Johan Mohlin, former CPO of Epidemic Sound, and Malin Lindbom, former Head of Product at Quinyx. 

Join us for insights, discussions, and learning, pushing the Nordic product community forward. 


Johan Mohlin

Scaling smarter: Guiding principles for product growth

Ex-CPO of Epidemic Sound and Fishbrain, Operating Partner at Luminar Ventures

Growth doesn’t always follow a straight line. Discover through Johan Mohlin’s expertise how product development can, and often does, encounter efficiency challenges as companies expand. His principles for smart scaling are a culmination of Johan’s extensive experience helping companies reach new heights.

Malin Lindbom

Thriving beyond best practices in product management

Former Head of Product at Quinyx, currently Product Management consultant at Etimo AB

What does it take to succeed in product management when the rule book doesn’t apply? Malin Lindbom delves into the tactics that help product people survive and thrive in environments where ’best practice’ is not the guideline but the exception.


This course has already been held.