Discover how Marshall Group transformed its approach to innovation and product discovery in our in-depth webinar with Gustaf Rosell, Chief Innovation Officer/Chief Product Officer. 

This session will guide you through the techniques and outcomes of fostering a culture that champions innovation, collaboration, and results-driven ways-of-working.

Attendees will dive into a discussion that not only showcases Marshall’s transition but also provides actionable tactics for overcoming common industry hurdles. 

What you’ll gain from attending:

  • Frameworks for cross-functional collaboration: Understand how to structure your teams for effective collaboration, ensuring that product discovery efforts are integrated and aligned with broader business goals. This approach helps in breaking down silos and facilitating smoother communication.
  • Strategies for customer-centric innovation: Learn how to center your product discovery process around real customer needs and market demands, using tools and techniques for gathering and analyzing customer insights that drive decision-making.
  • Navigating hardware development complexities: Get insights into managing the unique challenges of hardware product development, such as balancing the need for rapid prototyping with the constraints of manufacturing costs and logistical considerations
  • Leadership practices for fostering a culture of innovation: Discover leadership approaches that promote a culture of continuous innovation and risk-taking. This includes creating an environment where team members are empowered to experiment, fail fast, and learn quickly.

Who will benefit from the webinar

Designed for C-level executives, VPs, directors, and team leaders within product development of the hardware industry, this webinar is a unique opportunity to gather actionable insights from leaders who have successfully navigated the path of innovation and transformation.


90 minutes, in English, free of charge, includes a Q&A.


This course has already been held.