David Barnholdt

Lean and Agile Enterprise Coach
I’ve been helping companies of all sizes becoming more Lean and Agile the last ten years with a basic aim of transforming the business to be more inspiring, innovative and customer oriented in this ever more digital word.
I believe it is of importance not only for the enterprises themselves, but for the society as a whole.
When people feel more inspired and motivated, when they have workplaces where they can bring the best they have in terms of their creativity and competence, they will do good things, and that will benefit all of us.
As a former software developer during more than 30 years (1984-2009) I have a strong feeling what it means to be part of creating something that really matters to customers and users.  I know what it feels when you are in a hyper productive team and the path to becoming a such.   But I also know how energy-draining it can be being part of a waterfall process, when you are reduced to just being a pawn in a process others control.   I know the types of dna organisations needs to be built upon to be able to nurture innovation, speed, learning and teamwork.  I have seen such changes happen.  It is always amazing.
I find my energy in being part of such organisational change for the better to become faster, smarter and more purposeful, aswell as being able to help people get inspired and energized at work.
I try to live the agile values and principles in everything I do and I believe that that is one of my premier tools in helping others to grow and change.
With the challenges the world face today I think it is more important than ever that the organizations that make up our society embrace Lean and Agile values and principles so everyone everyday in everything they do can be helpful in making the world a better place.

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David Barnholdt

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