It took me a while to understand what testing really is and how widely it is misunderstood. My mission is to put structure to which role testing plays in modern software development. Define the prerequisites for doing good testing and show up the cases when testing needs to be reduced to an minimum extent. Test automation is essential to make thing work and free up the time. Nobody wants to do steps in repetition. That’s just boring and counterproductive. When routine is automated and the exploration is done you free up time for more complex initiatives. Working towards preventing issues is the direction. Whether it analysing the architecture and system design, historic data and product metrics, incidents reports and customer complaints. There is always something be done to improve the end customer experience and the product quality. But in order for this goal to be achieved one need to start small. Start with what end customer sees, a product. Explore it! Explore for issues, inconsistencies, defects. Anything that captures attention. Any unanswered question can be an opportunity for improvements. Start small ­ explore!

  • I practice what i teach as my teachings are based on hands­on practical experiences working for international brands in various industries.You can find more about me on the ​public linkedin profile.​