Dr. Steiber has an MSc in Industrial Economics and Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Management of Technology from Chalmers University in Sweden.

Dr. Steiber has worked as an executive in high-growth companies for almost 20 years and in parallel conducted leading-edge research in management for the digital age, innovation management, and transformation of businesses. Dr. Steiber is the founder and CEO of Management Insights and is currently acting as a senior executive and advisor, keynote speaker, researcher, and author of 17 management books and several award-winning research papers.

Dr. Steiber specializes in coding innovative new management models developed by thought-leading companies, such as the Google model and the RenDanHeYi model. Several of her latest books, such as ’The Google Model – Management for Continuous Innovation in a Rapidly Changing World’ and ’Leadership for a Digital World- The Transformation of GE Appliances’, describe and discuss the different key components of novel management philosophies. Dr. Steiber is currently active in developing the ISO innovation standard, ISO 56001, which is based on the latest knowledge and practices for effective management of innovation.

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