Dr. Annika Steiber from Menlo College, famous for her studies of Google, will give us an update on the importance of new leadership in a digital world.

The Google, Haier, and GE Appliances story embodies critical lessons and principles for 21st Century business leaders and students of management and innovation. 

While we can think of excellent business combination successes, these cases are uniquely modern in how they force us to re-think everything.

They show us how to imagine a complete and systemic transformation of a century-old leadership model to a better, more competitive, more profitable model designed for the digital century.

This free event is a pre-event for the Leading Complexity program starting September 22. If this session sounds exciting and you want to stay up to date as a leader in a complex environment, check out the complete leadingcomplexity.com, as well as a unique set of virtual certificate business courses offered by our partner Menlo College in Silicon Valley menloexecutive


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