Concepts  is a one page specification, in A3 format that represents a product idea of feature. It is enough to enable a prepared conversation with engineers developing the product. Think of it as a “flexible minimum specification”. Concept sketch

The idea

Concepts enables people passionate about a product idea, regardless of role, to realize it all the way to happy client. There is no handover. Concepts

Concepts helps you

  • Treating post release challenges as part of normal design
  • Decrease friction between business and development by setting clear expectations of what should be prepared before entering into conversations with development teams
  • Develop a minimum specification, flexible for your context
  • Increasing the value added time of your development team by training business people to arrived prepared with the right questions
  • Increase learning by completing the feedback loop all the way to customer use
  • Sharing the work load of a product owner onto a team
  • Lower waste: – preventing ideas with unclear value (hidden in big requirement documents) to enter solution design, – less rework  after release “bugs development should have foreseen” – avoiding heavy documentation in early stages of product development when uncertainty is as its greatest

Companies have used concepts to:

  • Keep a single thread all the way through to working at client
  • Help product owners spend more time with real users
  • Solve product owner overload scenarios
  • Remove handovers
Download the full article here Here are some Concept section examples