Learning objectives for Certified Scrum Developer course (more info here):

Architecture and Design

Study of architecture and design, focusing primarily on the principles that better enable testability and ease refactoring

  • Principles of architecture in an agile environment
  • Design practices on an agile team
  • Principles that enable testability and ease refactoring


An in-depth look at the way agile teams work together.

  • Working together as one team
  • Including the customer in the process
  • Pair programming

Test Driven Development

  • Test driven development (TDD) as a design approach
  • Red-green-refactor cycle
  • Unit testing principles and practices
  • What makes good tests/measuring test effectiveness

Continuous Integration

An introduction to the key practices of continuous integration:

  • Single command build
  • Creating builds that are automated, self-testing, and fast
  • The importance of a single source repository
  • Increasing visibility & automating deployment


An introduction to the practice of refactoring:

  • When to refactor
  • Refactoring for maintainability
  • Refactoring to patterns