We help leaders develop organizations that are adaptable and that create a positive impact on people and society.

Adaptable organization

Create learning organizations based on an operating and management philosophy that enables organizations to meet their goals in an ever-changing complex world. This is enabled through agility, created using modern people practices and empowered networks of teams.

Agile Leadership

Nourish and cultivate the agile mindset of respect, collaboration, continuous improvement, learning cycles, pride in ownership, focus on delivering value, and the ability to adapt to feedback.

Creating Alignment

Agile teams are a good start, but not enough. To maximize the innovation and creativity enabled through decentralized control, you need to give the teams alignment and clarity. We help you bridge the gap between strategy and execution, reaching alignment that maximizes the value created by your organization.

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Maximizing Value

Leaders need to build relationships to deliver maximum value in purpose or function through the creation of clear alignment and priorities. Catalyzing the organization’s capabilities to create and deliver value. 

People Engagement

Create an environment where people can use their strengths to deliver on the organization’s goals by improving communication, growing knowledge and cultivating motivation.

How we can help you!


Leaders in a complex and ever changing environment need support and strategies to thrive. 

We work with you to clarify the current situation, set goals, identify obstacles, challenge set beliefs, change perspective and uncover novel solutions.

We do that using individual and team coaching to uncover the organization’s potential to reach challenging goals. We work with you to determine the level of involvement and urgency and customize our coaching approach making use of our ability to work with leaders and leadership teams as:

  • Agile coaches, providing training and guidance.
  • Coaching partners, asking powerful questions to uncover the potential that already exists, without instructing or advising.


Lasting change in mindset and behavior requires practice over time. 

Our programs intertwine theory with insights from practicing to allow for positive learning feedback loops.

We do that by spreading a 5 day workshop out over a 3 month period. We kickstart the program with a 2 day startup that allows the participants to get to know each other, clarify expectations and set their learning goals. We follow up with shorter learning labs, 3 hours every other week. We also support and coach each participant individually between each learning lab.

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Possessing the necessary competencies is required for doing a good job.

We use experiential training to impart new skills and insights that are relevant to the person’s work.

We offer 1-3 day workshops, where participants are actively involved in the learning process. Our leadership workshops help you with the skills you need to be an informal situational leader to the day to day skills needed for running a company.