An agile, more complex and dynamic environment puts new and higher demands on leaders. Doing what has helped you succeed in the past will rarely give you the wanted results in the future. This means we have to develop our inner game as leaders to match the complexity of our outer environments. The Leadership Circle is a well researched and proven tool to accelerate that process.

This event will introduce The Leadership Circle and address a variety of means for utilizing it in practice, such as;

  •         Executive coaching
  •         Leadership development programs
  •         Leadership courses
  •         Team development projects

As well, we will introduce the framework behind The Leadership Circle, covering some theory and models, as well as how this is translated into the assessment itself.

This is a pre-event for the upcoming 3 day TLC course 27-29th of September.

Who this course is for

Coaches, consultants and HR professionals external and internal that wants to get an introduction to TLC as a powerful tool for leadership development.


Experience with leadership development/coaching.


This course has already been held.