Over the past decade, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) have evolved from a niche goal-setting framework utilized by some of the most forward-thinking organizations to slowly taking over the corporate world. Yet, for many, the transition from traditional, hierarchical planning to a model emphasizing empowerment and alignment has been challenging. Despite its apparent simplicity, implementing OKRs effectively has proven to be difficult for many organizations.

In this practical introduction webinar, we dive straight into the core of OKRs. We will explore the fundamental principles of OKRs, unveil some common misconceptions, and provide you with an opportunity to apply OKRs in a real-world scenario during the session. Whether you’re encountering OKRs for the first time or looking to refine your existing approach, this webinar will offer you insights and tools to help your adoption. Plus, you’ll have the chance to have all your burning questions about OKRs answered by our coaches with more than 10 years of experience using and teaching OKRs.


60 minutes, in English, free of charge, includes a Q&A.


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