As a part of the “Better Bank” strategy, Danske Bank in the summer of 2019 initiated one of the largest agile transformations in Europe, known as “Better Ways of Working”. The goals of the transformation were to “improve customer satisfaction”, “become a less bureaucratic workplace”, and to “improve efficiency while lowering risk”. With the new strategy for Danske Bank – Forward ’28, the development organisation (BWoW) is expanding to more than 32 tribes and approx. 5.000 people.

Come and hear Christian and Simon talk about why Danske Bank chose the ”Spotify” model, how they steer the transformation and greatest learnings that have led to a more cost efficient and changed coaching model.

About Christian Mark Christensen:

Christian has been in Danske Bank for nearly 4 years and are heading the +80 Tribe and Agile Coaches across the banks 32 tribes in the BWoW (Better Ways of Working) CoE. Christian is leading the agile coaching operating model, that over the last 4 years have changed from a primarily vertical focused model with very high focus on autonomy to the tribes, to the current model where the focus is both on horizontal alignment with cross-cutting agile coaching chapters as well as vertical autonomy to the tribes. Previous Christian has been working as Management Consultant leading agile transformations within various finance and telco organisations.

About Simon Kunddal

After several failed attempts trying to introduce Scrum mainly to the IT part of the development organisation in Danske Bank, Simon, an experienced Scrum Master and Agile Coach, was hired into Danske Bank in 2017. Simon, together with two fellow coaches established an ever-growing Agile Community that offered both training, coaching and consultancy to more and more areas. The Agile Community became a great stepping stone for the Better Ways of Working (BWoW) transformation in 2020 by securing e.g. Agile Coaches to be hired internally  and directly from the Agile Community. During the design of BWoW, Simon had a key role in the transformation team, working closely with BCG on the field guide and especially on the BWoW framework towards the squad. After the launch Simon was working as a dedicated Agile Coach in one of the larger Tribes in Danske Bank learning a lot about the up and downsides of a large transformation. After the BWoW CoE redesign, Simon is now working the Product Ownership competencies by developing and offering new and industry-leading learning experiences.

About Danske Bank:

Danske Bank roots back to 1871. With 3.3 m+ personal and business customer and 2,300+ large corporate and institutional customers, it is the largest bank in Denmark. Danske Bank has 21,000+ employees in 10 countries. In 2023 Danske Bank entered a partnership with Infosys (+2.000 consultants) to ensure access to IT talent and global best practices as part of the Forward ’28 strategy where the bank is investing additional 1 bn yearly in digitalization.


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