Christophe Achouiantz

Scrum - Kanban - DevOps trainer
I am a Lean/Agile change agent and coach on a mission to help large and small organizations stay relevant and reach their maximum potential.
I do so by supporting and helping teams (leadership, development, operations) put on Lean/Agile lenses to discover and exploit the opportunities around them.
Lean/Agile practitioner
• Practiced as an Agile Coach since 2007.
• Concretely applied agile in different roles such as Product Owner, Scrum Master, Project manager, Developer.
• Led a Lean transformation program for an IT department.
• Went through the crucible of a Startup. Failed but learned tons!
• Agnostic Agile: I use the practices and methods that make most sense in an organization’s context.
Kanban expert
• Early adopted of the Kanban method, since 2009
• Won the Lean Kanban University’s Brickel Key Award for my contribution to the development of the Kanban method. Check the ”Kanban Kick-start field guide”.

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Christophe Achouiantz

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  • Christophe Achouiantz