My name is Iyasu, and I am a Product Coach at Crisp. I specialize in how an organization can strive towards the same goals, from vision down to actual development. That means combining business goals with user needs, and how to create commercially viable products.

I am a big fan of OKRs, goal or hypothesis driven development, believing that by creating a north star that autonomous teams can aspire to it will create an unstoppable organisation. An agile organisation allows you to focus on the goal, rather than delivery.

Most of my assignments relate to commercialization of products, aligning organisation to strategies and goals, improved processes and ways of working. My approach is to focus on the organisation’s needs and adapt. I draw my toolkit from Hypothesis & data driven development, OKR framework, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile and many others to help clients in their quest to improve.

Client list:

  • QuickBit
  • Rapyuta Robotics
  • Hemnet
  • Profoto
  • ICA DigX
  • Tele2/Kinnevik
  • TUI

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