Product Ownership, Hypothesis-driven Development & Visualization

After two decades of active engagement in Product Management and Agile Development I have identified three principles that generates the ability to simplify complex projects and execute them productively. These principles have become the core of my practise and the key to the success of the teams and organisations I have helped.

The first principle is understanding Product Ownership as a process which is systematic, which can be learned and applied by teams and which transforms entire organisations. When Product Ownership is no longer the role of one single person but becomes instead the intersection between technology, design and business for a team that works together, we can build amazing organisations which can evolve at exceptional speed.

The second principle is the use of powerful visualisations throughout the process. These give the team an overview, allow them to simplify complex relationships and to highlight relevant factors. This engages the whole team and makes it possible for an entire organisation to share the same vision and move together and coordinated to achieve the shared goals.

Thirdly, a practise that has turned out to be extremely effective for changing the mindset and improving the decision-making process of many of the organisations is implementation of Hypothesis-driven Development.

The combination of these three elements have a profound and dramatic though quite subtle impact. Resistance to change fades away when people are allowed to participate in a transformation process that feels natural and self-understood.

Agile methods

Kanban (Lean Development)
Agile contracts
Agile Procurement
Lean Startup
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20 Years of professional experience

Agile and Product Owner Coach               2015-04 – Now

Vattenfall R&D, Sweden
SBAB, Sweden
Newgen Knowledge Works, India
GPSL – Global Publishing Solutions, Great Britain
Sussa Group (Landstingen i Östergötland, Sörmland, Västerbotten, Västernorrland), Sweden
Clavister, Sweden
Dohi Sweden AB, Sweden
Budbee, Sweden

Development Manager                                2012-03 – 2015-03
Ping Pong AB, Sweden

CEO and Founder                                          2007-10 – 2012-02
Nordic River Software AB, Sweden

Project Manager and Researcher          2001-2005
Interaction Design Lab in Designhögskolan Umeå, Sweden

Product Manager                                          1997 –2001
Reachin Technologies AB, Sweden