… or maybe ”Agile product development in practice”? Nah, boring name. We’ll just call it Agile Mindset.

Join me for a two day deep-dive on how to use agile principles and practices to build awesome products! Or, if you are a leader, how you can set up your teams for success.

(NOTE: a Swedish version of this course is available on 15-16 sep)

The course is based on my in-the-trenches experience as coach at Spotify and Lego and other companies, and my past few years as Minecraft gameplay designer and developer at Mojang. We’ll balance theory, exercises, case studies, and discussions. I like to keep things real, so everything we do will be connected to real-life examples.

Agile Mindset is about taking a broad perspective and not getting too caught up on specific details of Scrum and other frameworks. A pragmatic approach that makes agile useful in a much wider context than just product development.

This course is for everyone. An agile mindset is useful regardless of role.

Is this a certification course?

No, no certificate, no test. We will adapt the course content to your needs and questions, and not have to worry about covering specific topics for a test.

You will however receive a course diploma showing that you’ve participated in the course Agile Mindset with Henrik Kniberg.

I’ve already attended your Certified ScrumMaster course. Will this course be useful to me?

The content of this course is similar to CSM, but with less focus on the the ScrumMaster role and the Scrum framework, giving us more time to delve into other topics. There will be overlap, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem. Participants often tell me that the repetition was useful and that they got deeper insights the second time.

Learning outcomes for this course

  • What is agile? (beyond the hype)
  • How to work in cross-functional teams
  • Distributed teams
  • How to sync multiple teams in a large scale context
  • How to plan in an ever-changing world
  • How to create a culture of continuous improvement
  • How to create an environment where self-organizing teams actually work
  • How to work with continuous customer feedback
  • How to release often and in small steps (we’ll also look at my skateboard metaphor)
  • How to deal with complexity

The agenda will be pretty flexible though.


No particular prerequisites. However if you are new to agile I can recommend:


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