We are pleased to welcome you to a digitally conducted Master class with Harvard University professor and best-selling author Amy Edmondson.

Optimizing team performance in today’s unpredictable, complex and dynamic organizational landscape requires a dynamic, action-oriented approach that encompasses group learning, adaptability, inclusion, and innovation.

This Master Class suits any leader, coach, consultant and HR-professional who wants to bring leading edge research on leading and coaching teams into high-performance, especially in knowledge-based, high-stakes, or highly competitive, culturally diverse, and geographically dispersed environments.

In this Master Class, you will learn about the work of world renown thought leader Amy Edmondson as she takes a refreshing, up-to-date look at how leaders can turn ordinary groups into learning, adapting, and innovating high-performing teams.

About the Master class on Teaming.

Amy will describe why “In a complex, fast-paced, uncertain world, teaming often must take the form of a dynamic learning process. This master-class will explain the concept of teaming, how it connects to, and is different from, the concept of a team, and what it takes to do teaming well. Everyone today knows that diverse skills and perspectives must come together to innovate but doing this doesn’t always go smoothly. Teaming thrives in a climate of psychological safety – to ensure that everyone feels able to take the risks of speaking up and learning fast together – and depends on simple process skills.”

During the afternoon (13:00 – 17:00 CET, lecture starts 13:30) Amy will give a two-hour lecture on “Teaming” followed by case/work and reflections in small groups and will close with an interactive Q&A session for 45 minutes with Amy Edmondson.

Welcome to join this unique learning opportunity!

Who this course is for

Managers, Leaders, Change agents & Coaches

Learning outcomes for this course

Explore the links between Psychological safety, Teaming and high performance
Understand what teaming is and why it matters in today’s uncertain, inter-dependent world
How the ”teaming framework” can be implemented to help create a culture of safety, learning and innovation
Learn specific tools to get better at the actual practice of teaming i everyday work life


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