Before attending the course, participants are asked to complete the test below. This will get you up to speed and you will not spend time during the course with basic, technical problems. Preferably you should use the laptop you intend to bring with you to the course.

HOW-TO prepare for the CSD course

  1. Go to Note that your name is not on the list. That is the failing acceptance test! Your challenge is to fix this 🙂
  2. Create an account on unless you already have one. Here’s a cloudbees demo video if you are curious about what this is.
  3. Upload your SSH key:
    1. Go to account settings. It is one of buttons to the top right.
    2. Click on ”SSH keys” in the left menu.
    3. Upload your SSH key (e.g. ~/.ssh/ If you have no key, please read this guide.
  4. Email the mail address you used to register,  to us at
  5. Await confirmation from us when you have access. Note that this is a manual step for us and may take more than a day!
  6. Clone our ”welcome” repository:
    git clone ssh://
  7. Build it locally:
    mvn package
  8. Run it locally:
    mvn jetty:run
  9. Test it locally (note that your name is missing still!)
  10. Add a failing unit test for your name (in ParticipantListTest)
  11. Make the unit test green!
  12. Test it locally again (surf to the page and check that your name shows up!)
  13. Add your change to Git:
    git add -A
  14. Commit the change:
    git commit -m ’your name’
  15. Push the commit back to cloudbees:
    git push origin master
  16. Wait a few minutes to see the result. Check that your name appears!
    1. If you get impatient you can see the build in cloudbees. Log on to cloud bees and change context by selecting ”crisp-csd” in the drop box on the right. Click on ”Builds” in the top menu and click on the ”Welcome” project in Jenkins.

Support evening on January 22

If you need support, mail us at There will also be a support evening January 22th, 18.00 – 21.00 at Crisp AB, Sveavägen 31, Stockholm. If you haven’t gotten your environment set up by then, feel free to drop by!