The theory and practice of managing complexity for resilience.

Never has there been a greater need to manage more things with fewer resources. To create organisations that are resilient under conditions of uncertainty requires new ways of thinking and acting. Those who stay within the safety of the old paradigm sooner or later fail.

Complexity theory, which emerged from the natural sciences over the last few decades, provides a scientific framework to understand an organisation’s interactions as a complex ecology in which the emergence of beneficial patterns is managed rather than engineered as a solution. During this two days workshop you will gain insight into complexity theory, the Cynefin framework, which is one of the leading frameworks in complexity theory, and practical management and leadership tools based on these theories. You will develop insights that challenge the deeply rooted thinking patterns that have been ingrained by years of conventional thinking from both education and business and management literature.

Aside from a range of practical methods that are supported by documentation and examples, you will gain insight into a range of scientific disciplines and their applications. Basic heuristics – rules of thumb – to help you cope with the unanticipated are a key element of the programme, as are teaching stories, extended discussions and exercises.

Who this course is for

Managers, leaders or people working in teams that want new tools and techniques when working with teams and in organisations. A great workshop for everybody that are curious and want to expand their understanding of a radical new way of thinking and acting.

Learning outcomes for this course

* Understanding how complexity theory changes design thinking
* Differences between complexity thinking and system thinking
* New approaches to innovation and evidence-based decision making.
* The Cynefin framework
* How to direct a complex system providing purpose and focus
* Understanding cognitive bias and working with it using sensor networks
* Natural limits on team size and capability
* Distributed decision making and whole of workforce engagement
* Creating and maintaining social networks within a organisation
* Methods to incentivise innovative teams and cross silo behaviour
* New forms of organisations to increase resilience in the face of uncertainty
* The use of narrative in knowledge management and learning


No pre-qualification is needed beside an enquiring mind!


This course has already been held.

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