The key to creating positive sustainable change in organisations using Agile is a robust and resilient transformation roadmap that grows as you go. While this sounds simple, it is anything but easy to design, implement and evolve in practice. This 3-day course offers you real-world examples of transformation strategies along with key tools and techniques to enable you to create your own Agile transformation plan for your enterprise with a greater chance of success.

You will learn about diverse Agile implementations, ranging from those in companies large and small, as well as those from a variety of industries such as online publishing, airlines, supermarkets, tech startups and banking.

Using a playful scenario-based approach, similar to that explored in Portia’s gamebook novel The Dream Team Nightmare: Boost Team Productivity Using Agile Techniques (which delegates will receive a copy of in order to support their learning), you will get the chance to articulate, analyse and clarify your organisation’s goals and challenges in terms of Agile Transformation as well as play out hypotheses with the help of other participants to make your roadmap more robust and resilient.

And as any experienced change agent knows, change begins with ourselves, so you will be invited to explore your personal why, how, what and with whom when it comes to your organisation’s transformation to give you your best chance to keep going and growing on your personal Agile journey.

This pragmatic and hands-on course, based on Systems Thinking combined with the latest on the neuroscience and psychology of change, will help you and your team come up with an innovative and powerful approach that gives you a better chance of achieving your transformation goals while making the process fun and enjoyable!

Learn how to

  • Create a robust and resilient Agile Transformation roadmap and adapt it in real-time
  • Leverage lessons learnt from stories of real-life Agile Transformations: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Articulate, analyse and clarify your organisation’s goals and challenges in terms of Agile Transformation
  • Evaluate where you are on your transformation and what is needed to get you to your destination
  • Maximise the Return-On-Investment of your change efforts
  • Reduce resistance to change and enable people to change willingly
  • Develop a robust and resilient transformation plan that can be adapted over time


  • Challenges and lessons learnt from stories of real-life Agile Transformations: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Business Value Modelling and User Story Writing for your Agile Transformation
  • Current Reality vs Future Reality mapping of your Agile Transformation
  • The Theory of Constraints applied to your Agile Transformation
  • Options-based thinking for planning your Agile Transformation
  • Negotiation techniques to enable you to change your organisation
  • Agile estimation and planning for your Agile Transformation
  • The neuroscience, psychology and practice of change
  • The role and responsibilities of a change agent
  • The power of play to facilitate enduring change


This course is ideal for individuals and teams interested in creating workplaces where people will thrive and deliver great business outcomes; including progressive leaders and managers, Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, product managers, project managers, organisational change agents, HR and consultants.


Basic knowledge and some experience of applying Agile values, principles and practices in your daily work and organisation. A desire for systemic change and willingness to experiment with both organisational change and personal change will enable participants to get the most value from the course.


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