Self-Mastery For Leaders – Unleashing Your Best Self

This retreat will be moved to Spring 2024. Please email if you want to be updated about the new dates.,

We often meet leaders feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and trapped in the daily complexities of work and life. 

In response, it is easy to turn to simple stuff that requires less cognitive load rather than addressing what matters. 

When we need to handle complexity the most, we are least able to. Complexity tends to trigger us, making us anxious, afraid, or overwhelmed, leading to reactivity and oversimplification. When we are calm, we can handle complexity better.

Adapted from Jennifer Garvey Berger: Unleashing your complexity genius 

Alternatively, we can learn to develop our self-mastery to find better solutions to meet today’s challenges. Self-mastery is a critical component of effective leadership, as it helps leaders to:

  • Stay composed in challenging situations
  • Be clear about what matters (inner compass)
  • Shift fear to curiosity
  • Inspire others
  • Build strong relationships that have an impact

“The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor.”

– Bill O’Brien
Welcome to our exclusive retreat in Tuscany, where you can unwind in a stunning environment, enjoy delicious food and wine, and gain valuable skills for personal growth and self-mastery.

Take time out for yourself. To reflect, be grounded, and act with intention and more clarity. Start to build your foundation for leading in a complex world.

Our approach to developing self-mastery is very practical and built on proven theories such as:

  • Coaching and Reflective practices
  • Skill Theory (Kurt Fischer / Theo Dawson)
  • Inner Game (Tim Gallwey)
  • Adult Development (Jennifer Garvey Berger, Robert Kegan etc.)
  • Corporate Athlete (Jack Groppel, James E Loehr)
  • Creative Tension (Robert Fritz))
  • Self-mastery (Peter Senge)
  • etc.


  • Clarity of who you want to be as a leader.
  • Learn practices for developing self-mastery, e.g:
    • Managing energy, emotion, thoughts, and behaviors
    • Practice composure (from reacting to deliberate action)
    • Unlock your awareness of how to handle complexity

Target Group

The retreat is intended for executives, leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, self-employed and other professionals that need to manage stress effectively to perform better.

Overall, the retreat is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills, personal growth, and well-being while enjoying the beauty and culture of Tuscany.

When & Where

Welcome to join us in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy, on this Leadership retreat at beautiful Villa Pacini on 20-23 September 2023.

The Self-Mastery training will be 2,5 days (Thursday 21 – Saturday 23). We recommend and welcome you to join us on Wednesday afternoon at the Villa.

What’s Included

The price includes accommodation and all meals on-site (breakfast, lunch, dinner with local wine, coffee and snacks). Let us know if you would like to share a room with a friend at a discounted price.

Travel options are not included. You need to book according to your preference.

Terms & Conditions

In addition to the Crisp general terms the following apply.

We reserve the right to cancel the Leadership retreat due to too few participants up until August 31, 2023. In case of cancellation by Crisp, the registration fee will be fully re-founded.

For the registration to be valid, a first installment of €1 000 is required and will be invoiced at registration. The remaining cost will be due end of August.

If participant withdraws the registration, the first installment is not refundable.


We are happy to set up a call with you if you have any questions regarding the retreat. Please reach out to,


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