The days of heavy specifications and documentation are numbered. The new currency of web and software development is shared understanding within nimble, small, dedicated teams. In this workshop, Neo NYC founding partner, Jeff Gothelf, will teach you the collaborative, cross-functional ideals behind Lean Startup and Lean User Experience and demonstrate the power of highly cooperative teams.

You’ll take away practical skills to encourage:

  • Greater team collaboration
  • Design thinking
  • Rapid design tactics
  • Shorter feedback loops
  • Increased product validity

all while increasing team productivity, efficiency and camaraderie. In addition, this workshop will show you how these techniques solve the Agile/UX integration challenge.

The focus in this course is Lean User Experience, Design Frameworks and Design Thinking. Methods used are d team oriented. The student should after the course have a framework to work from and a toolbox of methods to apply for best effect. And also a sense of how to facilitate workshops, argument for design solutions and how to collaborately work in iterative processes to find, test and evaluate solutions along the way.

By design thinking we mean that a design process needs to focus on the goal of the project, and that you need to involve all diciplines as early as possible in cross functional teams. These could be Product Owner, Business Analysis, Web Analysis, User Experience, Graphis Design, Developers and so fort – all depending on what your product is aiming at. It also includes rapit feedback loops and iterative work within the team.

Hundreds of of product designers and developers across North America, Asia and Europe from organizations such as Paypal, eBay, Livingsocial, JP Morgan Chase, BSkyB and many others have benefited from this workshop.

What recent workshop participants say
”You kept it real – loved the presentation style and the content has the potential to dramatically improve the way [we] develop products.”

”We’ve bonded more as a team in this two-day workshop than we have in the past 6 months.”

Jeff Gothelf’s latest book “Lean UX” will be published in may 2013

The Lean UX approach to interaction design is tailor-made for today’s web-driven reality. In this insightful book, leading advocate Jeff Gothelf teaches you valuable Lean UX principles, tactics, and techniques from the ground up—how to rapidly experiment with design ideas, validate them with real users, and continually adjust your design based on what you learn.

All course participants will recive a signed copy of the book.
Read more about the book

Who this course is for

This workshop is not just for designers (interaction, graphocal, etc.). It is also for the product managers and engineers who work with them. Bring your entire team.

Learning outcomes for this course

Through several hands-on exercises that demonstrate how teams work together to build a shared understanding, you will learn to:

  • Reframe requirements as hypotheses
  • Create experiments to validate those hypotheses
  • Minimize the waste in your product development and design activities
  • Collaboratively solve tough design challenges as a team
  • Set your team up for success in Agile working environments
  • Build customer feedback and research into a regular rhythm in your sprints

This course has already been held.

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