#NoEstimates and Mob programming, Oct 30 2014

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#NoEstimates and Mob programming, Oct 30 2014

Agile Programmering

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Perhaps you have a feeling that Agile has been running in circles and nothing new is happening? Everybody says they are agile and have a high bandwidth collaboration. Have you met Woody Zuill? Unless you are already doing mob programming and find other ways to estimate, you are in for a treat.  Don’t miss this unique one-day event with Woody Zuill, the originator of Mob Programming and #NoEstimates together with the long standing agile practitioner Vasco Duarte.


How to improve software development predictability and profitability by focusing on what matters

A new way to look at software development that focuses on the core agile principles. Applicable to product and project management.

#NoEstimates is an approach to software development that arose from the observation that large amounts of time were spent over the years in estimating and improving those estimates, but we see no value from that investment. Indeed, according to scholars Conte, Dunmore and Shens, a good estimate is one that is within 25% of the actual cost, 75% of the time.

This is the same as saying: give us your money, we promise not lose more than 25% of it (with a 25% probability that we will lose a lot more). We don’t find that acceptable or productive for our industry. There must be better ways to manage software and product development.

In this workshop we will review and analyze why we do estimates and how we can improve software and product development while reducing the time and money invested in estimating.

Hands-On workshop on Mob Programming

How to enable high-performing teams with a whole-team approach

A new way to enable high-performance at the team level. A whole-team approach to software development. Applicable to programmers, testers, product owners, line managers and team members.

The Whole-team approach to Agile software development

Mob Programming is a development practice where the whole team works on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and on the same computer. It is a whole-team approach to doing all the work the team does including designing, coding, testing, and working with the customers, users and other stakeholders.

This is an evolutionary step beyond pair programming, and accentuates face-to-face communication, team alignment, collaboration, and self-organizing team concepts of the Agile approach to software development.

In the workshop we will work as a Mob using the Driver/Navigators -practice. We develop an example project using the full extreme programming approach: user stories, TDD, refactoring, and retrospectives. Along the way we’ll have a chance to see some of the benefits of Mob Programming such as continuous learning, full engagement of the team, collective thinking, and more.

Interview with Woody Zuill on InfoQ.

Blog posts on these subjects by Woody.

Who this course is for

Product Owners and team members, with “mob” we include everyone!

Learning outcomes for this course


  • Decision making frameworks for projects that do not require estimates
  • Investment models for software projects that do not require estimates
  • Project management (risk management, scope management, progress reporting, etc.) approaches that do not require estimates
  • The tools and arguments you need to prove the value of #NoEstimates to your boss
  • How to get started applying #NoEstimates right away
  • Where is #NoEstimates going and what are the likely changes to software development that will come next
 Mob programming:
  • How Mob Programming works and how it has dramatically improved the performance of teams using it
  • The necessary experience and knowledge to help you practice and experiment with this practice at work
  • What are the principles and underlying theory behind Mob Programming
  • How the principles behind the Mob Programming concept help establish a highly effective work environment
  • How the different roles in an Agile team can change to enable Mob Programming


  • Some experience with working in an agile environment
  • Curiosity and an open mind


  • Date: 2014-10-30
  • City: Stockholm
  • Language: Engelska


DateOctober 30, 2014 09.00-17.00 (breakfast 08:30)­
ParticipantsMax 20
VenueSveavägen 31, 111 34
Contactacademy@crisp.se, +46 8 556 950 15

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