Practical Think Tank with Dave Snowden & Associates, November 29 2017

This course has already been held.

Please note: This course has already been held. Please consider one of our upcoming courses.

Practical Think Tank with Dave Snowden & Associates, November 29 2017

As we navigate into the uncertain future of work, we encounter many complex challenges.  The Cynefin framework and SenseMaker® offer many ways to deal with these challenges. To maximize the benefit from your time spent with Dave (at the November Masterclass or at an earlier time), we have assembled group of experienced practitioners to share their experience and help you get started.  There will a variety of experience in the room including in the application of Dave’s Cynefin and complexity methods, Sensemaker projects, and adaptive leadership and complex change practitioners. They will support the process during the masterclass itself and then co-facilitate a one-day workshop directly after the Masterclass to build a bridge between Dave’s new ideas and your practices and projects. Objectives of the one-day post-masterclass workshop include:
  •    Time to make sense of, and integrate the new ideas with your own knowledge and unique context.
  •    Helping you find suitable contexts and problems in your working environment where you can immediately apply the new thinking.
  •    Finding your own language, metaphors and stories to communicate the ideas effectively to decision-makers.
  •    A brief introduction to existing products/processes that might be used as low-risk pilots to introduce the ideas to your organization.

Who Should Attend the Course?

This training is designed for all practitioners and complex thinkers (Agile practitioners, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Product Managers, Agile coaches, project managers, people managers, architects, designers, developers, devops, and anyone else that works in constantly-evolving and dynamic situations) who has done at least one Master Class with Dave Snowden. This one-day practical and experimental think tank/workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to apply Snowden’s thinking in their teams or their clients in a variety of different ways. Facilitators Sonja Blignaut, Dave Snowden, Jonathan Reams, Anne Caspari, Hannes Entz von Zerssen & Tomas Hancil
  • Date: 2017-11-29
  • City: Stockholm
  • Language: English


DateNovember 29, 2017. 09.00-17.00
ParticipantsMax 30
VenueSveavägen 31, 111 34
Price5900 SEK. The prices are excl. VAT, incl. lunch and coffee., +46 8 556 950 15

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