Growing Organizational Agility with Sociocracy 3.0 - Practitioner Course, level 1 (3 days), December 2-4 2019

This course has already been held.

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Growing Organizational Agility with Sociocracy 3.0 – Practitioner Course, level 1 (3 days), December 2-4 2019


Navigate complexity, increase innovation, improve performance and raise engagement throughout the entire organization, with Sociocracy 3.0.

Note: **This course was previously called Sociocracy 3.0 Intro Course. The content of the course remains the same.***

About the course:

Cross-team synchronization, collaborative innovation, whole system alignment.

Learn Sociocracy 3.0 from the source with two of the co-developers of Sociocracy 3.0

From growing agile and responsive learning organizations, to governance and decision making, Sociocracy 3.0 brings together an extensive collection of guidelines and practices that can help. You’ll collaborate with others, learn patterns and build competence applying them to respond to a diversity of typical organizational needs. Discover new practices and develop useful skills you can take home and start using right away, whatever your organizational context.

This course will help you to:

  • understand the basic elements of S3: the concepts, principles, and a majority of patterns and their purpose.
  • identify and communicate organizational needs, seize opportunities and learn how an entire organization can improve its ability to consciously respond.
  • co-create proposals, effectively make and evolve decisions in rapid learning cycles and guide others to do so, using patterns from S3.
  • more effectively distribute and organize work, foster engagement and self-responsibility, and improve meeting effectiveness.
  • evolve fit-for-purpose organizational structure, reduce waste and maximize value creation throughout the entire system.
  • identify specific patterns and practices you can use right away to respond to organizational challenges you face.


During this learning journey you will:

  • develop your general knowledge and understanding of the body of S3 concepts, principles and patterns.
  • explore how to identify, communicate and effectively respond to organizational needs throughout an organizational system.
  • practice using S3 patterns for making and evolving agreements, improving meeting effectiveness and enabling personal and group development.
  • examine practices for effective facilitation and participation in collaborative group interactions.
  • apply S3 patterns to kick-start a (simulated) grassroots organization and move rapidly from concept to action in self-organizing groups.
  • examine various ways to build and evolve organizational structure to support the continuous flow of value.
  • frequently reflect on your practice and learning with others and develop your reflexivity.


This course is for:

  • Leaders and managers
  • Organizational change agents, consultants and HR
  • Agile coaches, Project Managers and Scrum Masters
  • Anyone interested in exploring ways of improving self-organization and distributed / decentralized leadership
  • Those interested in new trends in organizational development like, Reinventing Organizations, Teal, Holacracy etc.



No prior knowledge of agile or sociocracy is needed.

For more information and open source learning materials, go to


what past participants say:

A great workshop. Mindful, makes you think, reflect and make sense of the reality around you.

The concepts & techniques are highly applicable in organizational environments.

Natalia – Agile Coach, Spotify

I have been on many workshops and trainings during my life and treasure some of them. This workshop will definitely be one of them. James and Lili are great facilitators and create a safe, open and creative environment. I learned not only S3, which I had hoped for, but also about myself(ves), which will help me be more whole, authentic and therefore a better person and leader.

Anders L, Agile Coach,

Further testimonials:

If you wish to participate in this course and the fee is beyond your means or the value you place on it, please contact us to explore how your attendance may still be possible. We wish to ensure that cost is no barrier to attending Sociocracy 3.0 courses.


  • Date: 2019-12-02
  • City: Stockholm
  • Language: English


DateDecember 2-4 2019 9:00- 17.30 (Breakfast from 08:30)
ParticipantsMax 24
VenueSveavägen 31, 111 34
Price21000 SEK. The prices are excl. VAT, incl. breakfast, lunch and coffee, +46 8 556 950 15

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