We are excited and proud that Crisp is featured in the new book ”Humane Capital” written by Vlatka Hlupic. Vlatka is a professor, researcher, author and consultant in leadership and new ways of organizing work.

Her latest research shows that there is a clear correlation between those companies that care about the the wellbeing of all stakeholders (employees, society and customers) and doing well as a company.
While companies that don’t can do well, its success isn’t sustainable.

The book features insights from 58 leaders and organizations around the world. Among these are Handelsbanken, WL Gore, Morningstar, Buurtzorg, Drucker Institute, Crisp and many more.

Humane Capital explores the steps needed to be taken to become a good organization with long-term, sustainable results.

You can pre-order it here https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/humane-capital-9781472957641/